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An Ounce of Prevention is Better than a Pound of Cure
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To provide herbal supplements and medicines in healing the root of diseases rather than patching up the symptoms of illnesses.

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To provide premium quality yet affordable products.

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To promote products that will first and foremost aid people in maintaining good health and teaching them keep a healthy lifestyle.

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To yield more outstanding and successful independent distributors.

We are honest and forthright with customers, vendors and partners. We take pride in everything we do and make. We foster an environment that allows for both personal and professional growth and advancement.

Dr. Powerherbs

Iridologist Providing Health & Wellness through Powerherbs
Affordable premium quality health and wellness products

Dr. Powerherbs is a member and distributor of Powerherbs Solutions, a leading health and wellness company focused on making it easy for people to achieve their finest physical conditions through its wide array of dietary supplements, healthy beverages and personal care products. The primary aim is to create products that will first and foremost aid people in maintaining good health and teaching them keep a healthy lifestyle. We will encourage our distributors share their knowledge and to be of assistance always especially to those in need. In the process, we are creating a new breed of Filipino entrepreneurs who has a heart and passion to help others.

  • Power C Plus, Power Greens, Plagen Plus, Power Glow, Arthro & Bone Care, Enduro Maxx, Garcinia Cambogia, Power Mist, Rock Salt, CTMD

  • Coffee Blend, Barako, Choco, NutriDrink, Colon Cleanse, Veggie Soup

  • Gluta Hand and Body Lotion, Massage Oil, Spa Essential Oil, Gluta Soap, Patchouli Soap, Patchouli Lotion, Patchouli Roll On, Patchouli Shampoo, Patchouli Conditioner, Power Fresh, PAC

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Our Bestsellers

Powerherbs Superstars

Power C Plus

Immune Booster
Components: Acerola, Rose hips, guava extract, moringa, ionic zinc and copper, ionic selenium, ionic trace minerals

Power Greens

Components: Spirulina, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Saluyot, Ionic Selenium, Ionic Zinc and Copper, Ionic Trace Minerals

Power Mist

Medicine Cabinet
Components: 104 trace minerals in balanced proportion, ionic elemental zinc and copper, selenium, and oxygenated water

Power Barako

15 in 1 Coffee
Components: Saw Palmetto, Guarana, Acai Berry, Gotu Kola, Agaricus Blazei, Korean Ginseng, Tongkat Ali Tribulus Terrestres, Goji Berry, Coffee Beans, L-argenine, Ionic Selenium, Trace Minerals, Creamer, and Natural sweetener


Our customers are our number one priority. Everything begins and ends with our customers. We are accountable to each other, our customers, our partners and stakeholders. We conduct ourselves professionally at all times and in all circumstances.

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