Go for Gold: One SIM Load All Networks

The Loading Business Side of Powerherbs

Every GSM Gold and Platinum Packages has 40 retailers activation credit on your cellphone which you can sell for P300 each or P500 each, depends upon you as the Dealer. The activated Retailer will be loaded automatically with P100 which will be deducted from your load you originally bought from Powerherbs office and so, your profit is minimum of P200 per retailer. Multiply that by 40 and your initial and minimum profit from retailing load is P8,000. You invested only P4880 yet you get products worth P5,000, you get loading profit of P8,000 and you become an owner of a very profitable business!

One Way to Earn

Aside from the initial profit, you also can earn 1% from load of all system users and retailers under you up to 10 level of your network. You just have to maintain P5,000 load per month as well as five of your direct sponsors. Look at the chart below to see how to earn P71M in one month!

One more way to Earn

All income notification  and SMS commands will have a minimum charge which doesn’t require maintenance to EARN up to 10 level of your network.

Wait, there’s more!

As Royalty Income, the SYSTEM will also pay you P50 in every match of your direct downline up to infinity!

You can also send load to computer game cards, pay bills to Meralco, PLDT and soon, you can sell tickets from any local airlines, hotel reservations and many more!

What are you waiting for? If you took the Silver package, upgrade now to Gold and enjoy the Loading business! If you’re new and want to join, contact me.

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