Power Fresh Instantly Recovers Man with Epileptic Seizure

Caught on CCTV (car dashcam)

My true story proving the effective healing power of Power Fresh against epilepsy!


In the Novaliches market while waiting in the car and listening to Dr. Chanita Villegas‘ podcast, I noticed a man wearing a blue shirt fell down on the street. People were staring at him but not doing anything to help. A boy was imitating the man with the seizure, jokingly writhing his own body as if he was in pain.

I went down the car to find out what happened to him and I saw him having epileptic seizure. (Note: The angle on the video was not able to capture the actual seizure but it could be inferred from the actions of the people around).

One of the vendors told me that it was okay and that he would recover in a few minutes. Apparently,  this had happened before. Hesitantly, I pulled out Power Fresh from my pocket and sprayed it on his face while some bystanders were watching. It seemed that his eyes were sprayed on for instantly, he started scrubbing his eyes. A good sign, though, that he had regained consciousness.

A bystander woman asked why he was scrubbing his eyes, as if I sprayed him a hazardous chemical or something. I told her not to worry for Power Fresh is all natural and organic and won’t harm his eyes.

The man then sat down and after awhile, stood up as can be seen in the video. He started brushing his hair vigorously with his hand, not saying anything but fully recovered. I tried to talk to him but it looked like he’s deaf or it could be that he was still dazed.

I was glad that I brought Power Fresh with me at that time and was able to help a man seized with epilepsy.

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